Roviden and Seth

Hello! I used Roviden in the online RP Phantasma.  I never intended for him to be gay, or for the thing to turn BL.  But the other players seem to like the idea of Roviden and Seth as a couple. The reason is probably because they are polar opposite. In my profile, Roviden is a  Demon who loves himself way too much and hates weaklings...aka geeks... Its a quirk, really. I wanted him to be the guy who usually made the game fun by being so full of himself . Seth is the character who is usually bullied, is a nerd and controls or summons angels.  Roviden and Seth usually end up in a fight so the other players...and the GM!!!!...made them a canon pairing.ugh...soooo! here is the immortalized moment when Roviden hugged Seth.


Introduction to Ro-kun

Hi to you all!

Some of my friends are asking me what this account is for, and honestly I haven't really thought of  what I'd do with this account except to post some of my works.^_^

I am not really that good at creating and drawing compared to some artists I admire. My field of expertise isn't even in the arts. But I do appreciate the honesty everyone says about my works in my other sites.  Thanks you all your positive remarks!

I am often called hiddenpsyche or Ro-kun by most of my online friends.

Roviden Cashem (the red haired guy in my previous post)is my original character from way back. I have done countless stories using this character and I hope I have the time to post some of the stuff I've done about him.  ^_^!

Happy Holidays!


paws events

 October 2 (Tuesday) - 10 am - PAWS' Dr. Dogs and Puppet Show at Museo Pambata, Roxas Blvd, Manila. Volunteers for this event: please email your contact details to by Sept 28.

September 30 (Sunday) 3pm - The Great Dog Dash: Year 3 - a 'race' for dogs measuring under 15 inches from tip of paw to top of the head.
Joining fee: P200
Venue: Eastwood City Central Plaza

October 3 (Sunday) - 1:30 pm to 3.30pm - PAWS will be one of three NGOs to speak at a symposium on volunteerism sponsored by De la Salle University - Manila's Council of Students Organization (CSO), Civic Awareness and Social Responsibilty Team (CaRe).
Venue: DLSU Taft.

October 7 (Sunday) - 9am - Animal Blessing at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center and Inauguration of the Pet Memorial Wall
Venue: PARC, Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, QC
RSVP for invitees, volunteers and PARC clients/adopters: Please call Grace at 475-1688

October 7 (Sunday) - 5:00pm Procession in Honor of St Francis around Eastwood City, 5pm Mass and Animal Blessing with participating animals and special guests. This event is sponsored by Pedigree, Whiskas and Cesar's.
Venue: Eastwood City Central Plaza

October 20 (Saturday) - 7pm - Dine with PAWS - A one-of-a -kind Charity Dinner featuring a buffet for humans and a buffet for dogs, a red carpet entrance & photo op for all guardians with their pets!
PAWS' celebrity friends will also be rendering special numbers in support of the animal shelter. Reserve your tickets now by emailing Tickets at P1000 and P1200 (for those with pets)
Venue: Fort Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig

October 27 (Saturday)
- 3pm - PAWS Halloween Pet Event - Scaredy Cats and Dogs. Dress your pet in their favorite halloween or fantasy garb and get a chance to win fabulous prizes. Titles at stake include "Best Ghoulish Partners" (best pet and guardian tandem), "Halim-Aw-Aw" or "Halim-Meow" Award (best native dog or cat in halloween costume), Transylvanian Star (best pet in costume), Crypt-Keeper's Choice (most original costume), among others.
Venue: Eastwood Central Plaza

Please block off your calendars, help spread the word and join in our fundraising events with your pets.

Thank you.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)



Well this is my first attempt to make a community to introduce my original characters.
I write and draw, silver usually helps me color. Hopefully I can post my works soon ( when my life is not so tedius )...T_T
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